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Juici Patties pumps millions into “greening” Clarendon operations

JUICI Patties has pumped more than US$60,000 (J$5.3 million) into “greening” its Clarendon operations, positioning itself to reap financial gains over the medium to long term while at the same time helping to realise environmental sustainability.

To this end, not only have they installed a water treatment plant — the recycled water from which is used to maintain their plants and lawns — but they have also installed two biodigesters, a solar system and two windmills.

Omar Hayman (left), maintenance supervisor at Juici Patties, and Jacqueline Scott-Perry, the company’s marketing and public relations officer, point to the sensor that signals the mechanical system when to turn the solar panels.


“We are very concerned about the environment and we wanted to reduce our operation costs, thus we begun seeking ways to conserve on our energy. Our consultants told us that installing a solar system, inclusive of solar panels and windmills, were two of our best options,” Jacqueline Scott-Perry, marketing and public relations officer at Juici Patties, told Environment Watch.

In the last couple of years, the company has been busy rolling out the plan, beginning with the installation of the water treatment plant and two biodigesters and followed by a solar energy system and a windmill. They recently installed 24 mono-crystallite solar panels and another windmill.

Omar Haymen, maintenance supervisor of the Juici Patties headquarters in Clarendon, said they have learnt much since they began their efforts.

“Originally when our solar panels were installed, they were laid flat on the roof of the main operations building. With them being laid flat on the building and the earth constantly rotating, the maximum effect of energy that is possible to be absorbed from the sun’s rays was not being received. So we designed and installed a rotating system. With this new system, a sensor is there to monitor the rotation, based on the shift of the sun’s ray. A motor now shifts the solar panels,” he noted.

They have not yet reaped the full financial benefit from their investment, but already they have seen a a decline in their energy consumption due to the installation of the solar system. The bidigesters, they said, have also proven a great asset. There are two biodigesters — large containers that collect their waste — which captures methane and biogas. These gases, when ignited, are used to bake and cook their products.

Given the successes at the Clarendon operation, the company hopes to replicate their efforts at other Juici Patties locations.

“We hope to have this being implemented in each location, but that will have to surface in our long-term plans. We are currently using this project as an experiment for our other stores,” said Scott-Perry.

She added her encouragement for other businesses to follow suit.

“It is very expensive; an organisation just can’t get up and put (in place) a plan (such) as ours across the board. But if they ultimately want to save, they should consider investing in energy conservation projects,” Scott-Perry said.

Meanwhile, the move to go “green” is one that has also won Juici Patties points with their interested customers.

“Although we originally installed these systems for a financial benefit, we have discovered that it has spurred curiosity among our customers. They are curious about how they can install a system similar to ours in their homes,” said Scott-Perry.

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